How I Discovered Vera Bradley: Handbag Designs with Character

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Every fall, the Southern Women’s Show comes to Greensboro, North Carolina. My sisters and I drag the kids to the Greensboro Coliseum so we can pamper ourselves for a day and check out food and fashion. I’m not usually one for name brand purses and handbags, but when I found my younger sister browsing a handbag booth, I decided to look around. That’s when I discovered Vera Bradley.
Several co-workers had bought small handbags by Vera Bradley, but I never gave them a second look. For one thing, their handbags were too small. I’m a mother so my handbag needed to be a wee bit bigger. Besides, I wasn’t into lime green and pink floral prints.

That Saturday at the show I got a chance to examine Vera Bradley handbags up close and personal. The first pieces I saw were the same floral prints as the handbags owned by my co-workers. My sister picked out a light blue and brown print, but I wasn’t feeling that one either. I started to leave when I saw it-the Windsor Navy print. I didn’t know it then, but that print had just been introduced in July of this year.

Now that I had found a print I liked, there was no stopping me. Vera Bradley is unique. Most handbags are plastic or beaded or shiny with buckles or chainlike straps and such. Vera Bradley handbags are quilted 100% cotton. At the show, the vendor featured the classic handbag design, hipster, tote, bowler, and shoulder bag to name a few.

I chose the classic handbag design in the Windsor Navy print. This handbag was just the right size for a thirty-something mom on the go-classy and stylish without being pretentious. The last thing I wanted to do was look like my grandmother. For me, a good handbag needs to be zippered and have ample storage so I don’t have to dump everything on the counter just to find my bank card.

Vera Bradley handbags provide space without sacrificing style. My handbag has an outside slip pocket that is perfect for my cell phone. The main compartment has a two way zipper. Inside, there are five pockets and a key clip. Count them-five, and one is zippered. Each zipper has a signature tag. A signature label attached to the largest pocket includes washing instructions.

Not only were there handbags, available but accessories in matching prints. I bought a zippered ID case complete with a clear plastic cover and a signature key ring also in the Windsor Navy print. The vendor also featured eyeglass cases, checkbook covers, clutch purse, change purses, and lunch bags. Never have I had so much fun picking out a handbag before. You might also want to learn to play an instrument and have an online piano lesson.

I know what you’re wondering: is it affordable? I stay away from name brands because of the cost, but Vera Bradley is affordable for every generation of woman. My classic handbag retailed for $50.00 and my ID case, for $10.00. When I visited the website I discovered her line of travel products, stationery, and home accents, too. If you haven’t already, try Vera Bradley today. You won’t be disappointed.

Is Graphic Design Recession-Proof?

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It’s tough to be an artist or graphic designer during an economic downturn, but there are ways to be successful during a recession. It seems when the money runs out, the first people who lose work are those who work in the creative arts. Graphic design is a business with a little more stability since the internet has become such a useful tool for successful businesses, but as the economic downturn looks more and more like a recession, businesses are cutting back on many things that suddenly seem “extra.”
What do you do if your graphic design freelance business has slowed to a crawl, even though your expenses haven’t? It’s time to roll up your sleeves and do a little extra work to track down successful contracts.

Use Business Contacts
Track down old business acquaintances, especially those you’ve done graphic design work with before who really liked your artistic style. Remind people of your skills and beat the underbrush a little bit to see what pops out. Talk to other artists and see where they are finding work these days. Ask for referrals from old clients who don’t have any graphic design work for you right now. Not every business is experiencing a downturn, and you might stumble upon someone who is feeling very successful right now. There are a few recession-proof businesses, and they might just need your graphic design expertise.

Reduced Price Business Listings
Use the internet as your graphic design billboard and personal megaphone. Craigslist is a great place to advertise as an artist, and it is absolutely free. As with any free service, you’ll do most of the work of wading through to the better listings, but during an economic downturn you have more time to spend promoting yourself, right? Many artists use websites that match up freelancers with people who need their services. Do some research, you’ll find many opportunities.

Newsletter and Blog
Be the artist that you are and design an eye-catching newsletter to send to all of your contacts and potential clients. Spend the time to make your newsletter stand out and show off your graphic design skills. Make sure your web portfolio is current and is a gallery of your best work. Keep your contact information clearly visible so the clients can contact you when they discover your style is exactly what they need.

Look into blogs and Web sites that might need some new content or design work. Offer your services to Web sites that need some spiffing up – it’s possible the web owner just didn’t know where to find a quality graphic designer or artist. There are rumors that the recession is starting to shift, and this economic downturn is beginning to turn up again. As businesses continue to see the internet as a profitable investment rather than an entertaining diversion, graphic designers and artists may find themselves with more work than they can handle, regardless of recession.

Kitchen Design Ideas and Layouts

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The kitchen is usually the main gathering place for the family as well as a place to prepare meals, and maybe pay the bills. The kitchen gets a lot of use so it needs to be as efficient and as functional as possible. When preparing to redesign or design a new kitchen there are certain standards and planning that will help you create the style of kitchen you want while having it function the best it can.
1. Choosing the best style – Choose a style you like or if your home already has a strong style match it with the rest of the home. Having the same style throughout the house makes your home seem larger and gives it harmony and unit, which is a principle of design.

2. Designing the best kitchen layout – How you want the kitchen to function determines what layout is best for you. A person who cooks a lot in the kitchen will probably need a different kind of layout that someone who doesn’t spend as much time in the kitchen. A person who likes to entertain and have many guests in the kitchen will have a layout suited for that.

3. Steps to planning a kitchen design layout – First you want to measure the space well. This will make sure everything fits during construction. Mark the size and position of doors, windows, electrical, and plumbing areas. Second think about cooking, cleaning, and storage while you plan your layout. Third choose what appliances you need to have. Do you need a dishwasher, maybe a side by side refrigerator; they can affect the placement and space you have around them. Also important is the kitchen triangle, which is the distance between the sink, stove, and refrigerator. You don’t want to have them too far away from each other as they are the most used items.

4. Picking the perfect layout – there are four basic layouts to choose from. A corridor layout is having a row of cabinets on either side with a strip of floor space in-between, best with a single person working in the kitchen. L shaped layout is where two rows of cabinets come together to form a right angle, better for two people working in the kitchen. A U shaped layout has cabinets on three sides with the forth side open. Allows more people into the kitchen with seating along one side of cabinets. Last the Island layout is usually an L shaped layout paired with an island giving you a L shaped walking area. This layout is best when a lot of food preparation is needed and is good for entertaining.

Now you have some ideas to plan your kitchen well. When your kitchen layout and design is complete you will have the kitchen that meets your cooking needs and looks beautiful too.

Sarah Palin’s Designer Eyeglasses Creating an Eyewear Trend

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It seems that Sarah Palin has catapulted Kazuo Kawasaki’s designer eyeglass frames into the spotlight in a huge way and it looks like the beginning of a celebrity eyewear trend. Palin wore the custom fitted frames during her speech at the Republican National Convention, and consumers are now clamoring to get a pair of the exact frames.
According to an article in USA Today, the VP of Italee (the US distributor of the eyeglass frames) said that her company is getting calls from dealers who want to stock the exact shape and style that Sarah Palin was wearing. The manufacturer is stepping up to produce enough of new lightweight, titanium, rimless rectangular frames to meet the growing demand.

The designer eyeglass frame Palin was wearing starts at a suggested $375.00, without the lenses. Getting the exact frame and shape right away might be hard because Palin’s frame was customized to fit her. She chose from about 300 frames before picking the 704 series Kawasaki frame in the 34 gray color, but the strong rectangular shape was custom cut just for her.

Older versions of this Kawasaki frame have been worn by celebrities such as Whoopi Goldberg and David Letterman, but these celebs didn’t generate a fashion frenzy like Sarah Palin has done by wearing them.

I just don’t get it. Don’t get me wrong, I think Sarah Palin is an excellent running mate for John McCain and will make an outstanding Vice President. But to run out and try to buy the same eyeglasses just to make some sort of fashion statement is silly in my opinion. But then again, I never have been one to be fashion forward or trendy. I’m not putting people down if they want to get in on the trend, or that there is anything wrong with wanting to buy eyeglasses like Sarah Palin’s, I just don’t understand the frenzy.

I’m sure a lot of eyeglass frame retailers will be jumping for joy if the McCain Palin ticket wins the election because then the demand for the Kawasaki frame will most likely continue to skyrocket for quite a while!