Is Graphic Design Recession-Proof?

By on 11-10-2017 in Uncategorized

It’s tough to be an artist or graphic designer during an economic downturn, but there are ways to be successful during a recession. It seems when the money runs out, the first people who lose work are those who work in the creative arts. Graphic design is a business with a little more stability since the internet has become such a useful tool for successful businesses, but as the economic downturn looks more and more like a recession, businesses are cutting back on many things that suddenly seem “extra.”
What do you do if your graphic design freelance business has slowed to a crawl, even though your expenses haven’t? It’s time to roll up your sleeves and do a little extra work to track down successful contracts.

Use Business Contacts
Track down old business acquaintances, especially those you’ve done graphic design work with before who really liked your artistic style. Remind people of your skills and beat the underbrush a little bit to see what pops out. Talk to other artists and see where they are finding work these days. Ask for referrals from old clients who don’t have any graphic design work for you right now. Not every business is experiencing a downturn, and you might stumble upon someone who is feeling very successful right now. There are a few recession-proof businesses, and they might just need your graphic design expertise.

Reduced Price Business Listings
Use the internet as your graphic design billboard and personal megaphone. Craigslist is a great place to advertise as an artist, and it is absolutely free. As with any free service, you’ll do most of the work of wading through to the better listings, but during an economic downturn you have more time to spend promoting yourself, right? Many artists use websites that match up freelancers with people who need their services. Do some research, you’ll find many opportunities.

Newsletter and Blog
Be the artist that you are and design an eye-catching newsletter to send to all of your contacts and potential clients. Spend the time to make your newsletter stand out and show off your graphic design skills. Make sure your web portfolio is current and is a gallery of your best work. Keep your contact information clearly visible so the clients can contact you when they discover your style is exactly what they need.

Look into blogs and Web sites that might need some new content or design work. Offer your services to Web sites that need some spiffing up – it’s possible the web owner just didn’t know where to find a quality graphic designer or artist. There are rumors that the recession is starting to shift, and this economic downturn is beginning to turn up again. As businesses continue to see the internet as a profitable investment rather than an entertaining diversion, graphic designers and artists may find themselves with more work than they can handle, regardless of recession.