Kitchen Design Ideas and Layouts

By on 11-10-2017 in Uncategorized

The kitchen is usually the main gathering place for the family as well as a place to prepare meals, and maybe pay the bills. The kitchen gets a lot of use so it needs to be as efficient and as functional as possible. When preparing to redesign or design a new kitchen there are certain standards and planning that will help you create the style of kitchen you want while having it function the best it can.
1. Choosing the best style – Choose a style you like or if your home already has a strong style match it with the rest of the home. Having the same style throughout the house makes your home seem larger and gives it harmony and unit, which is a principle of design.

2. Designing the best kitchen layout – How you want the kitchen to function determines what layout is best for you. A person who cooks a lot in the kitchen will probably need a different kind of layout that someone who doesn’t spend as much time in the kitchen. A person who likes to entertain and have many guests in the kitchen will have a layout suited for that.

3. Steps to planning a kitchen design layout – First you want to measure the space well. This will make sure everything fits during construction. Mark the size and position of doors, windows, electrical, and plumbing areas. Second think about cooking, cleaning, and storage while you plan your layout. Third choose what appliances you need to have. Do you need a dishwasher, maybe a side by side refrigerator; they can affect the placement and space you have around them. Also important is the kitchen triangle, which is the distance between the sink, stove, and refrigerator. You don’t want to have them too far away from each other as they are the most used items.

4. Picking the perfect layout – there are four basic layouts to choose from. A corridor layout is having a row of cabinets on either side with a strip of floor space in-between, best with a single person working in the kitchen. L shaped layout is where two rows of cabinets come together to form a right angle, better for two people working in the kitchen. A U shaped layout has cabinets on three sides with the forth side open. Allows more people into the kitchen with seating along one side of cabinets. Last the Island layout is usually an L shaped layout paired with an island giving you a L shaped walking area. This layout is best when a lot of food preparation is needed and is good for entertaining.

Now you have some ideas to plan your kitchen well. When your kitchen layout and design is complete you will have the kitchen that meets your cooking needs and looks beautiful too.