Sarah Palin’s Designer Eyeglasses Creating an Eyewear Trend

By on 11-10-2017 in Uncategorized

It seems that Sarah Palin has catapulted Kazuo Kawasaki’s designer eyeglass frames into the spotlight in a huge way and it looks like the beginning of a celebrity eyewear trend. Palin wore the custom fitted frames during her speech at the Republican National Convention, and consumers are now clamoring to get a pair of the exact frames.
According to an article in USA Today, the VP of Italee (the US distributor of the eyeglass frames) said that her company is getting calls from dealers who want to stock the exact shape and style that Sarah Palin was wearing. The manufacturer is stepping up to produce enough of new lightweight, titanium, rimless rectangular frames to meet the growing demand.

The designer eyeglass frame Palin was wearing starts at a suggested $375.00, without the lenses. Getting the exact frame and shape right away might be hard because Palin’s frame was customized to fit her. She chose from about 300 frames before picking the 704 series Kawasaki frame in the 34 gray color, but the strong rectangular shape was custom cut just for her.

Older versions of this Kawasaki frame have been worn by celebrities such as Whoopi Goldberg and David Letterman, but these celebs didn’t generate a fashion frenzy like Sarah Palin has done by wearing them.

I just don’t get it. Don’t get me wrong, I think Sarah Palin is an excellent running mate for John McCain and will make an outstanding Vice President. But to run out and try to buy the same eyeglasses just to make some sort of fashion statement is silly in my opinion. But then again, I never have been one to be fashion forward or trendy. I’m not putting people down if they want to get in on the trend, or that there is anything wrong with wanting to buy eyeglasses like Sarah Palin’s, I just don’t understand the frenzy.

I’m sure a lot of eyeglass frame retailers will be jumping for joy if the McCain Palin ticket wins the election because then the demand for the Kawasaki frame will most likely continue to skyrocket for quite a while!